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At The Spinal Health Clinic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our below patient testimonials to see what other people have achieved through their chiropractic treatments with us.

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  • I was instilled with confidence for a good result.

    -Janet C.
  • Great first visit and best explanation I’ve got for my back problems. Dr Graeme saw me the same day I called for an urgent appointment. I hobbled into his office and walked out! Thank you!

    -Stephanie B.
  • Friendly, helpful people with your health in mind – excellent!

    -Mike S.
  • Fantastic and efficient service. Extremely accommodating and helpful.

    -Jade M.
  • I am now able to manage everyday back pain with Graeme’s help and support. Read more »»

  • I have been attending the Clinic for about 10 years altogether, under different Chiropractors. Every one has been really good, and Graeme is an excellent practitioner. Read more »»

  • Dr Graeme Brooks has made a world of difference to my neck and back pain. I would thoroughly recommend the spinal health clinic to everyone, Fantastic place! Read more »»

    -Mrs Stewart
  • After my first visit I am extremely confident that my problem will be sorted. Thank you.

    -Pauline T.
  • Such a great service and great team, would recommend to everyone.

    -Gareth S.
  • I wish I had known about the spinal clinic sooner and not waited as long as I had done in getting treatment from such fab professionals.

    -Alana R.
  • A great first appointment. I am optimistic that this treatment will improve me.

    -William S.
  • Very friendly and welcoming practice. Having suffered from back pain for a few months triggered by a fall I now feel confident that my back will improve after treatment.

    -Astrid W.
  • Very friendly and professional practice. I was put at ease the moment I entered the reception area and my chiropractic treatment was amazing.

    -Angela W.

The result – just one word – MIRACULOUS!

Bev Childs, Testimonial
As an athlete, getting an injury or niggle that stops or hampers your training or racing is really frustrating. When it happens to you, the only thing you want is a “miracle cure” to enable you to get back on track.

For me, that “miracle cure” came in the shape of Dr Graeme Brooks at the Spinal Health Clinic in Marlow.

I had been ignoring a hip problem for a number of months, working through the aches and pains, hoping that if I ignored it for long enough, it would give up and go away. Although I was able to still train and race, the problem didn’t go away and was starting to become a bit more persistent. Eventually and on the recommendation of a friend, I booked an appointment at the clinic, which turned out to be the start of pain free running again.Show More

Graeme expertly seemed to identify the underlying problem within the first assessment with him and set to work with some specific manipulations. The result – just one word – MIRACULOUS!

Initially the treatments were weekly and thereafter extended to longer intervals. Now, Graeme forms part of my overall training plan with a visit for an alignment check every 4-6 weeks. I now have to ask myself why I spent so many years in denial that pain was normal!

As a fairly successful club level and GB Age Group Triathlete, my body and limbs do get a fair amount of abuse through training and racing, and so it is no secret that Graeme always has something to “fix” for me when I visit! Very recently, and in-between appointments I developed a very painful knee problem when out running one day. I continued painfully with it for the next 2 weeks and mentioned it to Graeme when I went for my next appointment.

Yet again, the “miracle cure” from the hands of Graeme allowed me to race 2 days later – pain free – and I have since raced another 4 times without any recurrence.

In summary, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. You will not be sorry and it could make all the difference in your athletic performance and possibly even help you find that elusive PB!”

Bev Childs

Red Bull Air Racer

Graeme keeps my neck and back in order so I can keep doing what I love:

“My regular visits to Graeme work wonders in keeping my neck in shape for the aggressive 400 deg/sec roll rates and my back coping with the 10+ Gz turns. Thanks Graeme!”

Nigel Lamb ‘Red Bull Air Race World Champion’

Lee CharlesGraeme helped me prepare for the Long Distance Age Group World Triathlon Championships:

With many weekly training hours, being consistent and injury free was critical to my success. After suffering with lower back and hip problems for many years, an issue I thought I would just have to live with, Graeme was able to completely cure my back pain.

In addition, he was able to keep me injury free through some of the most intensive training blocks. I would highly recommend The Spinal Health Clinic and Graeme, it really did make a big difference to my performance. Graeme’s support helped me secure a top 10 finish at the World Championships – Thank you!!

Lee Charles

Such a Relief

My diagnosis and start of treatment were achieved within my first visit to the clinic. Such a relief to know what the issue is and that it is being treated. I had a relief in pain and far more flexibility after only the first visit!

Victoria I

Playing my Favorite Sport

I have been seeing Graham for 3 weeks now. Having ignored things for a long time there was a lot wrong, but already the difference in my back is amazing even my breathing seems better. It was really helpful to see the x rays on the first visit and understand what was going on. Best of all Graham did not tell me to stop doing the sport I love.

Joy N.

Totally Awesome

OMG!!! I can’t thank Graeme and his fab staff enough for their help. I was in total agony and didn’t know what to do with myself. However, a visit to Graeme sorted my problem out vertually instantly. Tina was also amazing and fitted me in at a time that was convenient to me. Thank you all very very much – you are totally awesome.

Julz S.

Friendly and Welcoming

The staff were very friendly – using my first name throughout all contact. The reception area and staff there are welcoming. Graham was very thorough – and very detailed in his explanations. Having seen a number of other practitioners in the past with mixed results, it was both amazing and enlightening to get an X-ray on my first visit – and then to have Graham taking the time to explain exactly what my body is doing – and where it is going wrong! Overall a very positive feeling after my two visits.

Bob W.

Staff Very Welcoming

I felt very confident with Dr. Brooks. He was very informative and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. Would highly recommend the spinal health clinic.

Joy R.

So much happier

Maryam has been sleeping perfectly well since Friday. Even her behaviour during the day has changed to the better. She’s not short tempered anymore and her concentration has improved. She’s so much happier in herself. Thank you so so much ❤


Acid Reflux Completely Disappeared

My acid reflux completely disappeared after the very first session I had with Greame.

I was suffering from this for a year and a half to the point that my esophagus had inflamed so much that it didn’t let the food go down. The GP started doing tests for a tumor they thought could be growing in my esophagus. After the tests they said it was an inflammation caused by the opening of the stomach not functioning properly. Their solution? An anti-acid drug. One that would make the problem worse as acid is important to break down food and digest it. The doctor agreed that it wouldn’t fix the problem but said that his main focus was to alleviate the symptoms. I refused the drugs and after searching the internet and reading several chiropractors profiles booked my first appointment with Greame. He identified the cause straight away. Since my first session last year I never had acid reflux again! We always recommend him to all our family and friends.

Lou B.

At Last Someone Has Listened

I would highly recommend your practice. Having had the X-rays on my first consultation I have been re-assured that the problems I have can be worked on and improved. At last someone has listened and will help me.

Debbie C.

Consummate Professional

I have been a Professional Health & Fitness advisor for nearly 40years and it’s a rare thing that I need treatment myself. Graeme Brooks is a consummate professional and expert at his job. I am a little cautious of recommending chiropractor’s without being sure of their credentials. I have no hesitation in recommending Graeme Brookes – from personal experience and from professional discourse with him. Thus, I would fully expect all the practitioners he employs or associates with to be of the same standard. I recommend this practise to my clients if and when they require such support and it helps me to offer a much more comprehensive Wellness Training.

Ali N.

The Best Chiropractor

Graham has not only helped me, my daughter and my granddaughter, but many others I have recommended too. He is undoubtedly the best Chiropractor that I have come across, getting straight to the problem. My daughter was admitted into two hospitals in the past week, both saying she had “no problems” with her back, despite severe pain, and Graham X-rayed her and demonstrated the problem immediately… after one sessions she was 70% better. Thank you so much! Worth every single penny to see Graham, and I couldn’t recommend him more highly.

Allison M.

Friendly Service

Lovely friendly service which mad me feel relaxed and comfortable immediately. The helpful and knowledgeable staff are happy to help in anyway they can and offer an excellent choice of times available to suit everyone. I would highly recommend you give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Julia S.


For the first time amongst medical practitioners for this problem I was given a very full and comprehensive explanation of what was wrong, what needed to be done and how it was going to happen. This reassured me no end and empowered me to become a partner in the treatment rather than an object.

Thank You Graeme and Tina

Very much looking forward to my next session!

I had my first session yesterday, only woke once in the night and this morning was the first in 10 years that I got out of bed without it taking 5mins of ‘oohs’ and ‘ouches’! Very much looking forward to my next session! Thank you so much xxx

Fern P.

I feel like I’m in a whole new world after my first visit!


Brilliant ! Sorted out my back after many years of problems.

Mrs Hill

Thoroughly recommend

Dr Graeme Brooks has made a world of difference to my neck and back pain. I would thoroughly recommend the spinal health clinic to everyone, Fantastic place :-)

Mrs Stewart

Thank you

1st day out of about 5 days that I haven’t woken up with a headache. All down to Graeme thank u

Mrs Curtis-Thompson

I am on the right road now

Fantastic, after 18 months of pain Dr Graeme Brooks has made such a difference after a few sessions! We have a long way to go and treatment will be intensive for the few weeks, but at least I am on the right road now. Recommend to everyone :)


Graeme knows his stuff

Each time I attend I am greeted by a friendly receptionist. Graeme knows his stuff and continues to fix me when I unfix myself! I never feel hurried, but important, and time is taken to make sure we get to the root of the problem. He always does. He has helpful ongoing advice and support with exercise to be taken daily to maintain my well being.


Professional, knowledgeable, very friendly staff

I am now able to manage everyday back pain with Graeme’s help and support.


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